Christopher Dillon Explains How to Turn a Luncheon Speech into a TED-style Marketing Video

Cancham Entrepreneur and Small Business Committee Presents:

Promoting Your Business with Video: A New Perspective

Guest Speaker: Christopher Dillon Date: 19th September, 2012

We would like to share Christopher’s presentation recorded on this video with you

Christopher Dillon explains how to turn a luncheon speech into a TED-style marketing video.


About the Talk: Video and sites like YouTube are powerful tools for highlighting you, your business, and your product or service.

On Christopher Dillon shares the lessons he learned promoting his books using video (see examples at In addition, he explains how to plan and structure a video, look at equipment and technical issues and conclude with practical tips for packaging and publicizing your video.

 About the Speaker: Christopher Dillon

 An award-winning writer and entrepreneur, Christopher Dillon is the principal of Dillon Communications, a boutique communications consultancy.

In 2002, Christopher bought and renovated a floor in an office building in Hong Kong’s central business district. He subsequently purchased and refurbished a luxury apartment on Hong Kong Island and transformed a derelict steam laundry into a multimedia studio. That experience inspired his first book, Landed: The expatriate’s guide to buying and renovating property in Hong Kong”. In 2010, he published Landed: The guide to buying property in Japan”. Christopher’s third book, which is about real estate in China, will be published in late 2012.


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