Recognition Awards of Entrepreneurial Achievers Under 35 – The 3rd TransPacific Entrepreneurial Conference

The 3rd TransPacific Entrepreneurial Conference Partnering with HKCBA and Baker Tilly Hong Kong, InvestHK and HKTDC on November 30, 2016

New Special Feature

 Launch of the Recognition Awards of Entrepreneurial Achievers Under 35

Congratulations to the five Award Winners: (Colin A. Pritchard, Chief Operating Officer, InteractiveStudios Inc. in Ottawa on the day of the Conference)

Amelie Dionne-Charest, CEO, AD MEDILINK Limited

– Benjamin Britton, Co-founder and CEO of Ionomr Inc.

Dr. Cédric Jeannot, Cryptography and Security Expert, and Founder and CEO, 

Christian Yan, Co-founder / COO, Nanoleaf

From Left: Tony Á Verb (Managing Partner, Mettā), Christian Yan, Alex Sham (National Chair HKCBA), Amelie Dionne-Charest, Madeleine Behan (Co-Chair, ESBC and Governor, CanChamHK), Dr. Cedric Jeannot, Jodi Robinson (Consul and Senior Trade Commissioner, Consulate General of Canada in Hong Kong and Macao), Benjamin Britton and Charles Ng (Associate Director-General, InvestHK)


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January 12 at Metta: ESBC Signature Series Part 4

How and In What Circumstances M&A/Transaction Advisory Can Help the Growth of a Business
Signature Series: Starting, Managing and Marketing a New Business
or Entrpreneurial Venture Part 4

 Presented by the Entrepreneur and Small Business Committee

Want to know how important it is for founders to understand the corporate finance (in particular regarding M & A/ Transaction) principles behind corporate investment so they are better equipped to protect their interests? Here’s a seminar for you. 

three-speakers partnership-metta-baker-tilly-and-cancham

What the M & A/Transaction process is in a plain and understandable way: as explained by Padraig Walsh, Partner, Bird & Bird; Ian Wooden, Managing Director and CEO of IJW CO. Ltd. and Drew Dorweiler, Managing Partner at Dartmouth Partners Limited/ Co-Managing Director at IJW Dorweiler LTD (Hong Kong)

tony-verb partnership2

Tony Verb: Managing Founder of Metta: This event is a partnership with Metta, our Venue Sponsor and Baker Tilly Hong Kong, our Title Event Sponsor. 

ab ab-c-4 this-one-whole-view-padraig-ian-and-drew tonight-whole-view-2

A rewarding evening supported by our members and business associates.


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The Entrepreneur and Small Business Committee in the Canadian Pavilion World SME Expo

See you there! The Entrepreneur and Small Business Committee in the Canadian Pavilion


Venue: Booth 1E, B31, Hall 1C-E, HKTDC SME Expo, HKCEC

December 1 -3, 2016

 Admission:Please go to this link for the Pre-Registration for Free Admission:


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Thank You – Lisa Christensen & Ian & Drew & Cedric: The TransPacific Entrepreneurial Conference 28 November

Madeleine Behan
Madeleine Behan Thanks a lot for accepting our invitation and in particular your wonderful sharing. You are a very persuasive speaker. A very impressive Panel you were with – Cedric, Ian and Drew. See you again in January in The Women’s Network Presentation.

Madeleine Behan
Madeleine Behan Lisa, I have just been to the CG’s Canada 150 Community Engagement Reception, I was asked who was that wonderful lady who shared with us about Sustainability and Clean the Beach campaign in the TransPacific Entrepreneurial Conference yesterday. I said proudly: Lisa Christensen
Like · Reply · 1 · 16 hrs

Lisa Christensen
Lisa Christensen Thanks ever so much dear Madeleine – you and your team organized an amazing event with so many exceptionally interesting speakers! I learned a lot, and left feeling incredibly well supported from the Canadian community in HK, Canada, and abroad! 🙂
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The 3rd Annual TransPacific Entrepreneurial – Monday, November 28, 2016

See You on Monday November, 28th, 2016

Have You Registered?

The 3rd Annual TransPacific Entrepreneurial
Joint CanChamHK-HKCBA Conference 2016

Hosted by CanChamHK’s Entrepreneur and Small Business Committee

An opportunity to meet like-minded members from two leading entrepreneurial organizations from Canada and Hong Kong!

Monday, November 28, 2016

2:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Launch of the Recognition Awards of Entrepreneurial Achievers Under 35:
6 pm to 6:30 pm

Closing Ceremony and Cocktails
6:30 pm to 8:20 pm

Location: HKTDC SME Centre

The Third Conference will continue to strengthen the transpacific ties between the Canadian Chamber and HKCBA. In particular, our missions are to help our members conduct business between Canada and Hong Kong and to encourage Canadian companies to utilize Hong Kong as their business “Smart Link” to China and the rest of the region

Target Audience

Entrepreneurs and different industries and companies of different sizes including the micro and small enterprises (MSEs), Canadian companies in Hong Kong: both large and small; both longstanding and start-up.

Highlights of the Conference

Five Discussion Panels:

  • Hong Kong and the PRC: Canada’s Gateway to Half the World
  • “How I Started: How I Made it” Entrepreneur Experience Sharing Session
  • Growth Through Partnership
  • Innovation and Creativity: “Thinking outside of the box”
  • Who Will Be Able to Support You When You Expand Your Business into Hong Kong (and China)

Awards Ceremony:

Launch of the Recognition Awards of Young Entrepreneurial Achievers Under 35

2.00 pm   Welcome

Madeleine Behan, Co-Chair, ESBC CanChamHK, Governor, CanChamHK, on behalf of the Organizing Committee

2.05 pm – 2.20 pm   Opening Remarks

Irene Chu, Honorary Secretary on Behalf of  Chairman, The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong

– Jeff Nankivell, Consul General, Consulate General of Canada in Hong Kong & Macao

– Alexandria Sham, Platinum Insurance Advisor of RBC Insurance,

National Chair of the Hong Kong Canada Business Association (HKCBA)

Conference Sponsor


Conference Co-sponsor


Conference Co-sponsor


Folder Sponsor


Venue Sponsor


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The Entrepreneur and Small Business Committee: Generations



Two generations of representatives of HKTDC’s Corporate Communications: Parker Robinson and Nick Waters


Professor George Woo, Subcommittee Co-Chair of Social Entrepreneurship


Farewell Dinner for Dr. Simon Galpin, Director General of InvestHK at the beginning of 2016 hosted by Madeleine  Behan, Co-Chair, ESBC

Attending: Elizabeth Thomson (Chairwoman, Amber Foundation), Irene Chu (Partner, KPMG), Anne Witt, Jin Sun (Director, Business Development, iSGO HK Ltd.)

Brian Brown (Managing Director, British Columbia’s Trade and Investment Representative Office), John Witt (Group Finance Director, Jardine Matheson) ,  Andrew Jones (Guardian, Sanctuary),

Christopher Dillon (Award Winning Writer, Entrepreneur, Principal, Dillon Communications), Parker Robinson (Founder, The Word Factory), Charles Ng (Acting Director General, InvestHK), Padraig Walsh (Partner, Bird & Bird), Arnold Leung (CEO Appnovation Technologies).


ESBC Committee Meeting in August, 2016

 Seated: Barbara Mok and Carol Chan (Committee Secretaries), Anna Leonardo (AD MediLink Ltd.), Tracy Wong (Chilli Faga), Madeleine Behan (Co-Chair, the Entrepreneur and Small Business Committe),  Polly Tang (Manager of the Forensic Accounting / Litigation Support, EY),  Jessica Kwok, (Eclispe Management),

2nd Row: Colin A. Pritchard (Interactive Studios Inc.), Jin Sun (Director, Business Development, iSGO HK Ltd), John Leighton, (Consultant /Senior Finance and Accounting, Focus Core Group),  Andrew Jones (Guardian, Sanctuary),  Issac Vigil (Near, CEO & Co-founder, Professional Networking), Nick Waters (Corporate Communications, HKTDC)

Back: Philip Ma (Perfect Specialty Coffee & Beverages), Brendan Warren (Asia Business Development Group), Brian Brown (Managing Director, British Columbia‘s Trade and Investment Representative Office), Michael Wong (University of Waterloo Hong Kong Foundation), Gilles-Alexandre Salansy (Senior Manager, Mazars International Desk), Christopher Dillon (Award Winning Writer, Entrepreneur, Principal, Dillon Communications), Parker Robinson, Founder, The Word Factory









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Google’s Andrew Toy: ‘It’s Ok To Be Afraid’ But ‘We All Have To Get Comfortable With The Cloud’

 17:35, 27 September, 2016

Technology transformation is happening and all must be included, helped and guided on their digital journey, tech giant says.

Cloud will be everywhere and humans will depend on it to survive digitally, Google has warned.

Speaking at Soti Sync 2016 in London, UK, Andrew Toy, product management director, Android for Work, at Google said that “we all have to get comfortable with the idea of the cloud” because as tech moves forward, “cloud will be everywhere”.

Toy said: “The cloud is what glues all devices and services together, it glues the data. Learning will be built in the cloud. This is because there is benefit to business and humankind even, if we move this data to the cloud.

“The more data we have, the better services we can build. This is what we believe at Google. We should not use the cloud as a dirty word.”

Toy continued to say that the possibilities with cloud-first devices are limitless and the constraints users and enterprises used to experience due to devices and physical location are no longer a barrier because of the cloud.

He said that it is important to build solutions in a cloud eccentric way highlighting that “that is where we believe everyone should be, that is where we [Google] are”.

On the security camp, Toy said security is critically important, but as an enabler. He said: “If we have security we can do more, control more. Security is not a goal in itself though. By developing new security solutions we will be able to react more quickly, find the hackers, track the problems down and solve them.

“We have to live in this world where we have to secure by default. You have to be secure all the time if you are going to be transformative. No one builds the perfect platform, the perfect system.”

Toy said that “it is ok to be afraid” and the way companies can get people comfortable with these new technologies is through a collaborative ecosystem.

“We need to get our customers comfortable with the idea of transformation. Tell them you can do these things in a secure and controlled way, and that everything will be ok.

“However, people are still going extremely slowly because they are unsure, we need to get them moving faster.

“Transformation is a theme for everything we do at Google. We are close to a world where we will be sharing mobility data. We are not there yet but are getting close. We see a world where the whole workplace is connected. Technology really is an equaliser.”


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