November ESBC Meeting: A Gathering Place for Entrepreneurs, MSEs, SOHOs

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong  Entrepreneur and Small Business Committee (ESBC) Update: Mission Statement

Hong Kong’s position as a prosperous international business and financial centre has been built upon the entrepreneurial spirit of its people. Through the years, Canadian entrepreneurs have made an important contribution to that success.

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur and Small Business (ESBC) Committee was founded in 2004 to develop and foster an entrepreneurial spirit within the Chamber, among its members and in the community at large.

The Committee organizes a variety of events that allow

past, present and future entrepreneurs including:

Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) as well as

SOHO (Small Offices Home Offices)

to exchange experiences, seek mentors, and educate themselves about the challenges they face establishing and operating a business in Hong Kong, China and in the Asia Pacific Region.


November 2017 ESBC Photo: Co-Chair and Committee Directors, Madeleine Behan, Andrew Jones, Brian Brown, Christopher Dillon,  Parker Robinson and Richard Wright

November 2017 Committee Meeting Group Photo (Below): 

Jim Wang, Ben Ross, Eric Cheng, Hend Lemenager, Julien Mathieu, Andrew Jones, Madeleine Behan, Janice Ip, Gilles-Alexandre Salansy, Polly Tang, Christopher Dillon, Parker Robinson, Brian Brown and Richard Wright

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