CanCham Food Entrepreneurs and Small Business Made A Very Canadian Dinner 2016 Possible

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June 21st, 2016 has become an important day in the CanCham Event Calendar:

It has long been difficult for the small Canadian food retailers and distributors to break into the local market where competitors such as the American and Australian food suppliers are generally better known to Hong Kong’s F & B outlets.

In order to engage and showcase the Canadian fresh food and produce sponsored by our food entrepreneurs, the Entrepreneur and Small Business Committee hosted a Canadian Dinner prepared by a Canadian Chef (Angie Ford of the Porter House by Larus in LKF).

27220505794_6ab769e8b0_z[1] The Secretariat

It was a memorable experience with Canadian wines, dishes and dessert on the evening of June 21st! Specifically, the dinner was dedicated as a farewell to the Consule-General, Ian Burchett. It was attended by ExCo members and the Governors among several other members.


Followed by the Canadian Dinner, the Committee partnered with the Lan Kwai Fong Group for a Canadian Food Promotion Campaign for the whole month of July. Air Canada offered a couple of tickets for a lucky draw to mark the end of the festivities. (- by Madeleine Behan, June 21st, 2016)   

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