CanCham HK Entrepreneur and Small Business Committee New Project: KANDAYA RESORT by Andrew Jones

 The Entrepreneur and Small Business Committee is a forum for the exchange of ideas and sharing of experience. It provides present and future entrepreneurs, small business owners and start- ups with help in finding solutions to common business problems as well as dealing with the challenges of starting or growing a business.

 The Committee meets once a month at 8.15 a.m. at the Chamber. A regular feature of the meeting is an Experience Sharing Session inviting a member of the Committee or a special guest to give a fifteen-minute presentation on “How I Started: How I Made it” (or sometimes How I Didn’t Make It!”).

ESBC October Meeting: Andrew Jones of Santuary was pleased to announce the opening of the new project: KANDAYA RESORT, Cebu, Phili

ESBC Meeting Andrew J 3

ESBC Meeting Andrew J_October

Andrew Jones: Guardian of Sanctuary

Mission: To create responsible and sustainable tourism projects where people can balance their body, mind and spirit in an environmentally friendly space.

ESBC Meeting Andrew J 2

ESBC Meeting Oct.2014

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