Christopher Dillon: 10 Things You Must Know Before Buying Property

10 Things You Must Know Before Buying Property
Across International Borders (July, 8, 2014)

by Christopher Dillon

Principal of Dillon Communications Limited

CanCham_Dillon Talk.2014 07 08

“Thanks to the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong and the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong for hosting my lunchtime presentation today. We had a full house and lots of insightful questions.” Said Christopher Dillon on July 8, 2014.

About the Event:

Whether it’s a second home, a weekend retreat or an income property, it’s never been easier to buy a home abroad. But with that opportunity comes challenges—like finding financing and reliable suppliers, not to mention local issues such as crime, taxes and demographic change.

Christopher Dillon, a Canadian entrepreneur and property investor who has lived in lived in Asia for 25 years, looks at how to make the most of your international property purchase.

Christopher Dillon is an award-winning writer and entrepreneur based in Hong Kong. In 2002, he bought and renovated a floor in an office building in Hong Kong’s Central business district. Since then, he has purchased and refurbished a luxury apartment on the west side of Hong Kong Island and transformed a derelict steam laundry into a multimedia studio. That experience inspired a trio of books: Landed Hong Kong (2008), Landed Japan (2010) and Landed China (2013). His new book, Landed Global, looks at the process of buying property across borders, with case studies and data from more than 110 countries. Christopher lived in Tokyo from 1989 to 1992, when he moved to Hong Kong. Since 2012, he has served on the management committee of a 210-unit apartment complex and the executive committee of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong.


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