Welcome Colony88 to the Entrepreneur and Small Business Committee

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Colony88 offers a number of investment tools, including equity crowdfunding, to make early stage investing an accessible and exciting addition to a diversified portfolio. Colony88 also offers companies a suite of support services, including strategic and financial planning, due diligence and valuation support.

In our September meeting, we specially introduced Fiona Atkinson and Jono Lilley to our members to learn more about Colony88’s financial model.

We would very much like to invite you to hear more about the various financial models of crowdfunding in our next Chamber event. Please visit this link for more details: Baker Tilly HK and Air Canada Present: Signature Series “From Seed to Exit”#4 – Crowdfunding – Emerging Financial Models http://www.cancham.org/events/event_details.asp?id=382432&group=

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Jono Lilley and Fiona Atkinson are the co-founders of Colony88, an investment platform based in Hong Kong which seeks to support and match investors with early stage companies.

Jono’s previous experience lies within investment banking in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. Jono held the position of a Pan Asian Equity Sales Trader at Credit Suisse, advising Hedge Funds and Institutional clients on their stock portfolios, investment and trading strategies.

Fiona is a financial analyst by training, with experience in hedge fund investing at Dalton Strategic Partnership, corporate venturing at Carbon Trust and financial management at Enecore.

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Attending this meeting were:

Andrew Work (The Harbour Times), Andrew Jones (Guardian Sanctuary), Annie Wang (Maire HK), Bob Diefendorf (Diefendorf Property Co.Ltd.), Cecilia Koo (Gallerie Koo), Chris Lloyd (Leodan), Christopher Dillon (Dillon Communications Limited), Elena Galli Giallini (Elena Galli Giallini Ltd.),
Edouard Maire (Maire HK), Janik Litalien (Systema Hong Kong), Jose Rueda (SCAD), Kristine Stewart (Society West), Ryder Chau (EMaster Consultants Ltd.), Wendy Mok (Convoy), Olivier Lanoix (CanCham Membership Manager), Amanda Ho (CanChamb Events Assistant), Madeleine Behan (Co-Chair, ESBC Committee) and Tony Behan (Co-Chair, ESBC Committee).

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