Members Sharing Experience or Challenges in Their Business

The Entrepreneur and Small Business Committee (and all SMEs) meets regularly once every month. In these meetings, we normally have over 20 members attending each time. The overall aim of the monthly meeting is for members to share experience or challenges in their businesses and also, hopefully, offer solutions to the challenges.

Photo 1. Elaine Ann presenting (February meeting):  Elaine has her own consulting company which helps western companies to understand the China market by actually doing trips with them to gain insights. This is a costly process and thus SME’s and Micro brands cannot do the same in for their market research.

Now she has started cZearch, a website

that can do the same by having a Chinese community to take pictures of their daily lives and have them explain the underlying motivations and concepts behind some issues that westerners may question.  It helps companies of smaller sizes to adapt their products or discover new products for the Chinese market.

1. Elaine 2. Herman.presenting

Photo 2 Herman Yong updated his current business development in Cloud Computing.

According to Herman, Cloud Computing is the wave of the future. All companies, large and small will be adopting cloud computing for their operations. Small Companies have actually been the first to move to the Cloud because their lack of capital and the small start up costs required. Bigger companies can still afford to stay with the old model but as the upgrades continue, the economics will no longer make sense.

It is with this realization that ONE Consulting has decided to partner with NetSuite and offer a single integrated suite of Cloud Based Business Management System to companies with 10 plus and above employees. These companies probably have an eco-system of eCommerce, CRM, Finance Accounting and Inventory management systems that do not talk to each other. Through NetSuite, companies can have a single integrated system that is accessible over the cloud.

ONE Consulting has some signature clients among her portfolio, among them being Red Hare, Hong Kong Wine Vault and GoPro.

Having implemented for some clients like Red Hare, Herman sees firsthand the benefits of scalability when one is using the Cloud. For example, Red Hare grew from their room basement to occupy 2 floors of a factory building without having to worry about changing servers or facing hiccups with their IT infrastructure.

Herman1 Group1

Group-Ryder Group.Magazine.JB

Group.Andrew Group Nesbitt speaking

A special welcome to those who attended the meeting the first time: Bill McLean, Cecilia Koo (Gallery Koo), Charles Cheung (HKUST AIESEC), Delphine Lee (British Columbia Trade & Investment Office HK), Prof. George Woo (PolyVision), Gigi Liu (The Executive Centre), Mark Shuper (Sprout Foundation) and Andrew Work (CEO New Work Media).

ESBC long term Members who attended this meeting include: Alice Rueda, Bob Diefendorf (Diefendorf Property Co. Ltd.), Christopher Dillon (Dillon Communications), Chris Lloyd (Leodan), Edouard Maire (Maire HK), Elaine Ann (Kaizor Innovations, CZearch), Herman Young (One Consulting Services), Janik Litalien (Systema Hong Kong), Jean-Baptiste Roy (Censere), Jean-Sebastien Lemay (Velocity-Solutions), Macy Lau (Total Loyalty), Nidhi Kush Shah (Alchemy Academy) and Ryder Chau (Emaster Consultant Ltd.).

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