A Place Where Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners Meet

A Place Where Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners Meet and Exchange Ideas

The Entrepreneur and Small Business Committee meet regularly each month to provide a home for its members to discuss and share their business plans. Here are some photos taken from the December meeting:

Janik Litalien, Systema Hong Kong

Janik has put together a short video which introduces his experience in Russian Martial Arts. The photos show Janik presenting his marketing plans.

Janik Janik & Francesca

Alice Rueda, helping her friend to distribute the Reif Vidal Icewine, a product from Niagra, Canada.

Alice Presenting Alice2

Edouard Maire, MAIRE HK Audiovisual & Internet in Hong Kong

Edouard’s company was started in Paris and has a focus on shooting videos. However, since moving to HK, the company offers many more varieties of products. Edouard started in journalism and moved into the video production industry due to his pure passion and interest. With the internet and the huge increase in online video browsing, videos are now a common and budget friendly way in communication. The end product can also be widely distributed.  Edouard’s current clientele are mostly French business, however, by joining the Chamber he hopes to branch out and attract a more multi-national client base.

Roger1 Roger & E

You can see in the two photos above Dr. Roger King watching Edouard Maire‘s presentation. It was our pleasure to have Roger join us in the meeting. We would like to thank him for his time and generous support for the ESBC.

Dr. King is an old friend of the committee. He considers himself a serial entrepreneur and has invested in many ventures including the now widely popular, Pacific Coffee Company. Dr. King now focuses on running the Executive MBA program at HKUST.  As he currently finds that a lot of academics are writing and researching on issues that are distant from real-world issues.  He has tailored his curriculum to focus on first hand experiences and practical issues that one would encounter. Dr. King believes that the keys to success for an entrepreneur can be summarized into four letters:

CCKP – Commitment, Confidence, Knowledge, and Passion.

Ryder, Herman Group 1

Alice Rueda, Brian Brown, Chris Lloyd, Edouard Maire, Francesca Maeder, Herman Yong, Janik Litalien, Nidhi Kush Shah, Ryder Chau and Vonita Samtani regularly attend and enjoy the monthly meetings.    

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