Introducing Nidhi Kush Shah: Trainer and Entrepreneur

 Nidhi wrote:

 “Nidhi Kush Shah is an experienced and passionate trainer and an entrepreneur. In her versatile career as a consultant and trainer, she has encompassed numerous aspects of Business Development and Career & Professional Skills Training. Prior to founding Alchemy, Nidhi gained leadership and corporate training experience in Australia, Hong Kong, India and Nepal. She has trained managers, professionals, and graduate recruits on a wide range of subjects. With her innovative and practical approach to training and consulting, she inspires and helps people and organizations achieve their goals and facilitate their vision.”



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  1. Thank you for the warm welcome, Madeleine! The ESBC meetings have been extremely productive for me over the last year. Its a fantastic community of entrepreneurs and each time I take away some new learning and more inspiration for my growth. I definitely encourage more SMEs to join this vibrant and enterprising group.

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