The Business Case for Video Game Development in Hong Kong by Dr. Jose A Rueda

The Entrepreneur and Small Business Committee of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong Presents:

Discovering a New Business Prospect for Our Young Generation
The Business Case for Video Game Development in Hong Kong

Speaker: Dr. Jose A Rueda Date: 29th August, 2012



Adam Khemiri, Chair of the Cancham IT committee (on the left), one of our guests of the evening.

About the Topic: The art and science of video game design and
development is a mature industry that offers significant opportunities for Hong Kong youth, entrepreneurs and investors.

Because of the availability of global infrastructure and standards, it is not just play for fun anymore, video games is an industry larger than Hollywood. The industry is an ecosystem that involves multiple disciplines, infrastructure, and business models that facilitate value creation from Hong Kong for the global marketplace.
Dr. Rueda introduced the medium of the video game from a business case perspective and as an academic subject leading to viable careers.  He provided an overview of the industry, history, key figures and drivers, government strategic initiatives from around the world, and case studies.

The talk attracted over 30 members who are either investors and entrepreneurs.


Dr. Rueda is a Professor of Interactive Design and  Game Development at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), Hong Kong. He has over 18 years of experience in R&D and commercialization, particularly in interactive and data networking products and services. 

As an entrepreneur and scientist he focuses on technology applications and venture development in the communications, media and entertainment industries.  He was chief executive producer for the Hong Kong teams that worked on Indiana Jones, High School Musical, Power Rangers, MySims Racing, and other console, online, and mobile.

He has served on the Board of Canada’s Advanced Networking  Organization for Research Industry & Education, the Ensis Investment Venture Capital Fund Advisory Committee, International Standards Organization Technical Committee for Nano Technology, and other listed and private companies and not-for-profit organizations.

Jose was the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce’s Director of the Year 2005, and nominated as one of Canada’s Top 40 Under 40.  For 8 years, he was Director of Data Networking, Operations & Research at the TRLabs in Canada, a consortium of industry, university and government.  He has specialized in video games over the last few years and has mentored over 200 designers and developers, many of them with successful private practices.

He holds a PhD (1996) & MSc in electrical & computer engineering, MBA, registered Professional Engineer (Canada); over 70 publications & patents, including contributions to the Wiley Encyclopedia of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.  He has served as a Judge at the Stuart Clark International MBA Competition and various other entrepreneurship competitions. He has also held academic appointments in other design and engineering institutions in Hong Kong and Canada and has spoken around the world.


The Best Chamber Event Organising Team: Cherie Tong and Amanda Ho

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