Promoting our Members and the Work of the Chamber: Producing a Video

As you know, we are filming a video to promote the members and the work of the Chamber. For the promotion and broadcast, there will be two stages:

Stage One – A segment of the promo video will be broadcast during the World SME Expo in December (December 6-8, 2012).

Stage Two – An extended version (about an hour in duration) of the promo video will be broadcast to a larger audience promoting the work of the Chamber in Hong Kong, China, Asia and Canada.

Behind the Scene:


So far, we have completed the filming of the following presenters:

1. Bob Cook (President of the Chamber) 2. Elizabeth Thomson (Governor) 3. Mati Pouliot (A member of the Executive Committee) 4. Jean-Baptiste Roy (Chair of the Young Professionals) 5. Henri Arslanian (Chair of China Business) 6. Elaine Ann (Design Entrepreneur) 7. Macy Lau (Corporate benefits Planner) 8. Francesca Maeder (Chocolate Entrepreneur) 9. Alex Kaymer (Business Consultant) 10. Michael Trzecieski (Inventor) 11. Christopher Dillon (Writer of the “Landed” Series) 12. Barry Jones (Finance Professional).

We will be filming a few more segments next week. These will include: Joe Ng (GM of Air Canada, a Chamber Sponsor), Bernard Pouliot (Former President and Governor), Janet De Silva (Former President and Governor), David Sarju (Annual Ball Committee), Chris Roberge  (A member of the Executive Committee) and Andrew Jones (Social Sustainability Sub Committee).

Last but not least, we would like to thank Christopher Dillon for his generous help by providing us with the equipment and his office as the studio for the filming, and in particular, his time commitment.



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