Business Cloud Services by Herman Yong and Henry Chan

Two young entrepreneurs of our Committee gave us an informative and interesting presentation about business cloud services.
   Herman Yong of ONE Consulting          Henry Chan of ThinkACT                         

Meeting on March 20, 2012 

Herman Yong talked about business cloud services and how companies are moving to gain operational efficiencies and reduce cost.

Henry Chan of ThinkACT‘s presentation focused on the personal and marketing use of cloud services:

Part 1 Cloud Computing exists in our daily life already

  • “Cloud applications” in wiki
  • Any Cloud application we know?
  • How Cloud computing is invented? Now it becomes irreversible trend

Part 2: The benefits

Part 3: Where to go further?

  • More cloud services examples (Notes, eDM mailer, website builder & traffic analytics, etc)
  • To go beyond self-use, can seek professional services ThinkACT –
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