How Do Small Retailers Succeed in Hong Kong’s Property Market?

How Do Small Retailers Succeed in Hong Kong’s Property Market?

March 7, 2012

The purpose of the event is to share experience and guidelines to help small retailers survive and grow their business given Hong Kong’s retail property costs.

Lots of Thanks to our Speakers:


Dr. Edwin Lee, Founder & CEO, BridgeWay Business Builder and Broker Co. Ltd.


 Cornelia Francesca Maeder, Founder, FRANCESCA Ltd. Master Chocolatier, Entrepreneur and Author of two publications (My Daily Inspirations / Enriched by Soulfood)


Helen Mak, Director, Retail Services Group Department, Colliers International


Focus of Edwin’s talk: Practical Guidelines for Small Retailers

By the end of 2011, Edwin has brokered 1,038 business sales and built 65 businesses for sale to entrepreneurs in Hong Kong. Sectors include catering, retail, education and other services companies. From being just a business broker to becoming a business builder, from being just a small shop tenant to becoming a landlord of 10+ retail shops, Edwin shared the secret of success in the retail industry from two various perspectives: that of the broker/builder and the tenant/landlord: How much sales are needed to cover the rent and make a profit? What are the tricks to negotiate with the landlords? What is a good location to start off with and where to find your customers and employees? To sum up, according to Edwin, “Play the Monopoly Game well and become the next McDonald’s!”

Focus of Francesca’s talk: To Embrace the Changes and Challenges

Francesca shared her experience as an entrepreneur and a small retailer in the competitive retail property market in particular what to consider when launching your own brand to setting up your first store and at the same time, still keep the peace of mind throughout the process. Furthermore, she explained how buying your own property can help your business and investment grow. That is, her secret is to embrace the changes and see challenges as opportunities to fulfill your “Mission Possible”.

Focus of Helen’s talk: Leasing Insider Tips For Small Retail Success

Having been in the retail business for close to two decades, Helen Mak is both an experienced broker as well as a regular contributor to various media columns, interviews and articles on the retail scene in Hong Kong. In her day to day work dealing with various conglomerates as well as small retail start-ups, Helen shared her knowledge and experience working with small retailers and landlords to help new retail SMEs stake their share on a piece of the property pie in Hong Kong. She also gave an overview of current retail trends and industry tips to help participants make informed decisions in their interaction with landlords.

Joining us is our guest Kenneth Choy (Partner, Lister Lo Lui & Choy), Hon. Secretary and Chair of the Intellectual Property Committee, HKCSMB (Hong Kong General Chamber of Small and Medium Business)

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