A Memorable Evening: Business Protection for SMEs and Their Families at the FCC

A Memorable Evening: Business Protection for SMEs and Their Families at the FCC (November 22, 2011) Sponsored by Gladstone Morgan

Outline of the Talk: – What is Business Protection? – Why is it needed? – How does it work? – A case study

Speaker: Ben Worthington: Head of the Sales Department in Zurich International Life.

Opening Remarks by Dino Zavagno: Managing Director of Gladstone Morgan

It was one of the most memorable evening events organised by the Canadian Chamber’s Entrepreneur and Small Business Committee. It attracted members of the Canadian Chamber itself and also friends from the Italian and Belgian Chambers of Commerce.

1.  2.

1. Dino (Managing Director of Gladstone Morgan) welcoming Brian Renwick (Boyden), Vice-Chair of the HK Employers’ Federation  2. A networking opportunity for everybody

3. 4. 5.6.

3. Mr. & Mrs Ian Carroll from the Irish Chamber

4.  David Sarju (Gladstone Morgan) welcoming Kristine Stewart (HK Institute of Etiquette)

5. The Speaker, Ben Worthington with Andrew and Tony

6. Dino with Gladstone Morgan’s delegates and the Chamber representatives

7. 8. 9.10.

7. Tony welcoming Brian 8. The Welcoming Party: David Sarju (Gladstone Morgan), Co-Chairs of the ESBC (Tony and Madeleine) and the Events Team, Cheri and Wendy

9. Tony with Philip Van Remoortere (Port Cities) and the Irish Chamber delegates

10.  Henry Chan (ThinkAct) & Herman Yong (One Consulting)

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