Global Trends for MICROS/SOHOS

Global Trends for MICROS/SOHOS

Presented by Tony Behan in the October 18 meeting:

Tony recapped on The Chamber’s membership categories and presented the categories of MICROS/SOHOS.

Objective: By utilizing these categories we can then plan events more carefully in response to the membership.

He then presented the “Global Shifts towards SOHOs/MICROs”

1) In the European Union (2010) there were over 20 million enterprises:

 –         99.8% were SMEs.

–         However the typical firm in the EU can be described as a Micro Enterprise.

1 -10 employees

          Small Enterprises (<50) represent 7%;

          Medium Enterprises (50 – 250)    1.1%

i. e. total SMEs = 99.8% versus 92% Micro Enterprises

2) Canada (August 2011)

Micro (at the even smaller category of 1- 4 employees) 54.6%

Small ( 5 – 99) employees 43.4%

Medium 100 – 499 employees1.7%

Large 500+ employees 0.2%

 SME Total 99.7%.  Versus 54.6% Micro and 43.4%  Small.

 3) Hong Kong (March 2011)

 About 299,000 SMEs

– They account for over 98% of the total businesses. They provide job opportunities to over 1.2 million people, about 48% of total employment (excluding Civil Service).

 The Hong Kong Government Trade and Industry Department – Support and Consultation Centre for SMEs defines SMEs as:

 – Manufacturing enterprises with  less than 100 employees and non-manufacturing enterprises with less than 50 employees  in Hong Kong. However with the loss of most manufacturing to the PRD, it is now estimated that most SMEs in Hong Kong are actually “Small Enterprises

– less than 50 employees or

Micro/SOHO Enterprises, less than ten employees

 So Hong Kong is an MSE Economy.

In Conclusion, Hong Kong could be best described as:

1. The International Financial Centre and

2. The Micro and Small Business Entrepreneurial Centre of Asia

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