Business Protection for Entrepreneurs, Small/Micro Business Owners and Operators and their Families

Business Protection for Entrepreneurs, Small/Micro Business Owners and Operators and their Families

Date: Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Venue: Foreign Correspondents Club,

               North Block,2 Lower Albert Road,

               Central, Hong Kong

Price: Members $150, Non-Members $250

(Cocktails and Canapes will be provided)


 About the Event:

For an entrepreneur or a small/micro business owner and operator, the success of your company may solely depend on you.

 The Current Situation: You have been running your company very successfully for many years. Detailed planning has helped to make your company what it is.

However, it is a sad fact of life that sometimes unforeseeable events and/or accidents can occur. Serious illness and even sudden death may tragically appear. These events may cause havoc in your our business and our family lives.

In summary, a business or practice, which relies on a small group of highly trained or specialised individuals – or even just ONE person – to produce revenue, is economically vulnerable if one of those people is unable to work. What is more, it could mean loss of share ownership and even control of part of your company if one key individual were unable to work again.

Therefore, do you have a contingency plan to protect your business, yourself, and your family and loved ones? Also have you made plans for company succession?   

Outline of the Talk:

 – What is Business Protection?

 – Why is it needed?

 – How does it work?

 – A case study

 About the Speaker: Ben Worthington

Ben Worthington is the head of the Sales Department from 2006 in Zurich International Life.  The company offers investment and protection solutions throughout the world with licensed offices in theUnited Arab Emirates,Hong Kong, Bahrain, Singapore and Taiwan.  Ben currently leads a team of sales managers in the strategic distribution development of the company’s financial and protection solution.  He has over 10 years of experience in the financial industry in Hong Kongspecializing in the broker distribution. 

Mr. Ben Worthington will share with you the problems that might have potentially great impact on your family and business if something suddenly happens to you. He will also suggest and explain some of the options open to you as solutions to the problems.

Opening Remarks:

Dino Zavagno is Managing Director of Gladstone Morgan

Dino started in the Financial Services field in June 1980 in theUK. Having spent the following twelve years as an advisor, Dino was asked to move toHong Kongin February 1992 by an old colleague. The last nineteen years have been spent in Asia with the majority of his time inHong Kong.

This Evening Event is Organised by The Canadian Chamber Entrepreneur and Small/Micro Business Committee

 This “Evening” Series brings current and aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners together to share experiences about the challenges they face in establishing and operating a business inHong Kongand in the Asia Pacific Region. In summary the Talk will be helpful to those who are looking for new ideas, different business strategies, solutions to business problems, or more profitable ways of doing things in general.

Please Join us to enjoy this

Excellent Opportunity to Network with Like-Minded, Friendly People at the Canadian Chamber of Commerce

Sponsored by :

Gladstone Morgan is expanding and has various offices both in Asia and theMiddle East. As independent financial advisors, Gladstone Morgan associates look after all aspects of financial services for both corporate and individual clients. Gladstone Morgan’s head office is based in Central, Hong Kong.

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