Our Guest Speaker: David Nesbitt, CEO, Black Castle Limited, Founder of Nesbitt Centre

Introducing Our Guest Speaker in the October 18 meeting:

David M. Nesbitt, CEO, Black Castle Limited, Founder of Nesbitt Centre

The Nesbitt Centre

David has been in Hong Kong for 30 years. For his day job, he acts as an advisor for Asia Pacific investments.  David has a daughter with special needs. Seventeen years ago, she left school. At that time, with 45 other young adults in the same situation and itching to do something, David founded a small centre for mostly English speaking young adults with special needs.

The “Nest”

The Centre can be defined as a NGO focused on young adults (wheelchair bound or special needs). Its main goal is to get these young adults motivated and get involved in the community, mostly via work placements. The centre now has 15 members of staff and 3 locations, 2 of which are residences. This can be very much classified as a small business. 

New Project: Coffee Shop on the grounds of St. John’s Cathedral  http://www.stjohnscathedral.org.hk/home.html

Operation Santa Claus proposed to the Nesbitt Centre the concept of a coffee shop on the grounds of St. John’s cathedral. The coffee shop is now dubbed “The Nest” and Pacific Coffee Company is providing operational support.

The coffee shop has free rent, free building. The product they offer is deemed to be in demand. However, the operation is facing problems similar to all small businesses. They have a large amount of task and problems to present, fix, and solve, all of which must be addressed in 60 days as their projected opening day is set for December 15th. For example, what can they actually provide, for whom should it be provided by?  Should the product be fair trade etc.?

David welcomes the committee to help address, pinpoint, and potentially unravel any problems “The Nest” would face.

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