Learn Mindfulness techniques and how to get what you want! September 2011 Events

– Do you feel like you’re swimming against the tide, and it’s hard to get ahead?

– Do you wonder how incorporating mindful living practices and law of attraction principles can reduce stress, improve health, increase job satisfaction, help attract an ideal relationship and more wealth?

– Do you know that your lifestyle habits don’t foster optimal health and well-being but don’t know how to change?

If your answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’, the good news is that help is available to handle these challenges more successfully.

September Events:

 Wed 14 September 630-830p: Vision Board Goal Sharing and Success Partaaay!

–          What would it feel like to have already achieved your dreams? With Success Party you are invited to create your personal vision of an ideal future, and then given the opportunity to feel it, be it, live it and, remember it. Law of Attraction is activated by FEELING. Imagine yourself easily stepping into the powerful feeling place of living your dreams. More details and registration: http://www.loa-hk.com/events

Fri 23 September 130-530p: 6 Healthy Ways to Keep Your Best Talents

–          For executives, Senior HR executives, entrepreneurs and anyone else valuing the importance of employee satisfaction and retention.

–          Learn how mindfulness can be used to change limiting thought patterns, improve sleep habits, and achieve a healthy weight

–          Learn how to achieve a healthy work-life balance, ensure healthy career development, and develop healthy leadership

–          More details & registration: http://six-healthy-ways_aug11.eventsbot.com/

Sat 24 September 2-6p: Learn How to Manifest the Abundances You Want

–          If you are ‘allergic’ to money, money seems to disappear, or come too slowly then this half-day workshop is for you!

–          More details and registration: http://www.loa-hk.com/events

Thur 29 September 1030a-1230p: How to Consciously Create a Healthier Body through Mindful Eating Plus The Chinese Clock and Elemental Health

–          Are you sick of dieting and overeating? Struggling with mindless eating, stress eating, and/or boredom eating?

–          Want to learn more about what your Chinese Horoscope has to say about your Elemental Health?

–          More details and registration: http://www.mindfuleatinghk.com/events/schedule

Looking forward to seeing you at one or more of the events. Feel free to forward to anyone who might be interested in these topics. Thank you in advance!

Mindfully yours,

Julie Chiu, RN, MS, CHC, IC®

Certified Health Coach, Mindfulness Trainer

Director, Mindful Living Network, Mindful Eating Lifestyles Ltd.

M: +852 9610 8530



About Health & Lifestyle Coach Julie

Julie Chiu, RN, MS(Hons), CHC, IC® is a health and lifestyle coach, seminar leader, trainer, nurse, and pioneer of mindfulness-based coaching in the Asia-Pacific region. She is Hong Kong’s only Certified Health Coach (National Society of Health Coaches), Intrinsic Coach®, Certified Intuitive Eating Pro® Counselor and Mindful Living Behavior Specialist. She also serves on the professional advisory board of the National Society of Health Coaches. Julie is known as the “How To” Lady on breaking free from unhealthy lifestyle habits and helping clients achieve personal success and freedom through creating positive behavioral changes in their lives through individual coaching, corporate seminars, and group workshops. In addition to coaching clients, she writes for online and print media and conducts lectures and workshops on mindful eating, weight management, stress reduction, effective communication, changing limiting thought patterns, law of attraction, and evidence-based health coaching. www.facebook.com/mindfuleating; www.mindfuleatingHK.com; www.facebook.com/loa.hk; www.loa-hk.com; www.meetup.com/LAW-OF-EQUAL-ATTRACTIONS/
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