Welcome New Member: Martin Cai of HSBC Premier


  A Special Welcome to Martin Cai!  

Martin introducing himself in the Canadian Chamber’s Entrepreneur and Small Business Committee on August 23:

I’ve been a Business Development Manager HSBC International in Hong Kong from March this year and I’m really enjoying my new role. This is following nearly 5 years of service with Premier UK Edinburgh and a year with Premier in Kelowna, Canada.

After consulting for 5 years, I came to HSBC in the UK with an appetite for providing premium retail client services. I wanted to promote a market leading retail product that I could be very proud of and stand behind and at the time I thought that Royal Bank of Scotland was the place to be! With the roll out of HSBC Premier in 2004, it came about that I had the opportunity to be part of something new and extremely exciting. I’ve been very fortunate to have the opportunities to promote benefits of Premier to our clients around the world.

My wife is from Guangzhou China and we’re pleased to return to Asia to raise our daughter Ava. I enjoy hiking, biking and swimming and running and never dreamt that HK had so much opportunity for outdoor exploring!

Welcome to the CanCham ESBC, Martin! Here’s Martin’s presentation “A Joined-up HSBC Premier Relationship” in the meeting August ESBC Martin.HSBC Presentation

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