Meet Henry Chan: Our “Technology-Marketing” Entrepreneur in the Chamber

Henry in the ESBC on June 21 

Our Technology-Marketing” Entrepreneur in the Chamber

Henry described himself as “a technology geek in finance and banking industry” specialising in Frontend & backend systems for Investment Banks and Fund Houses.

Henry has worked in the financial trading industry, specifically investment banks and financial institutes for over 8 years before he started his business. 

In 2010, Henry saw the opportunity of the technology trend and at the same time felt a bit tired of the endless tasks in the finance and banking industry. Also, in the spirit of in search for something meaningful in life he consequently took the plunge and founded ThinkAct.

ThinkAct is a service provider of innovative technology marketing solutions.

Benefits of ThinkACT solutions:

a) Brand Building 

This helps ThinkAct clients retain and acquire more customers.

b) Target Marketing 

This provides ThinkAct clients with the analysis of customer behavior so as to gain greater insights into their clients’ companies.

As a result, the information obtained from the analysis will help business owners and managers strengthen their marketing campaign. Also, this will help them identify and tailor-make even more suitable products and services for target customers.

c) Larger Coverage of Potential Customers

ThinkACT’s customer referrals and satisfaction contribute significant and  sustainable growth of their customer base and sales.

In summary, Henry believes in Creativity and Diversity in business as these are vital to promote prosperity and advancement in the society. 

Therefore, he uses technology as his means to support and make contribution to innovative and socially-beneficial enterprises. With ThinkAct solutions, entrepreneurs can pursue their own dreams faster, while consumers can have more and better choices in the market.

The ESBC Meeting on June 21.

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