Our “Scientist” Entrepreneur of the Chamber: Dr. Jose A Rueda

Our “Scientist” Entrepreneur of the Chamber: Dr. Jose A Rueda

He is an Entrepreneur and Scientist focused on technology applications and venture development for meaningful purposes.

  • Areas of expertise:

Industry-University-Government partnerships, Meaningful technology and business models, Meaningful video games, Globalization in New Media design and Technology, Marketing management for digital entertainment, Game Design

First of all, a brief introduction of Jose:

Dr. Jose A. Rueda’s research focuses on design, application, and entrepreneurship aspects of video games. He has over a dozen years of professional experience in applied research, technology development and transfer, and partnerships between government, industry, and academia.

He has served in several Boards and Committees in publicly listed and private companies, not-for-profit organizations, and an investment company.

In addition, he was recognized as Director of the Year in 2005 by the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce inCanadaand received the 2005 Academic Prize for Entrepreneurship from theUniversityofSouth Australia. He was nominated as one of “Canada’s Top 40 Under 40” in 2006.

He also co-founded Canada’s games business incubator, and founded a business and technology strategy company inCanada. He is a registered Professional Engineer inManitoba,Canada. He authored over 70 publications and holds patents.

 Furthermore, Jose led PlayLab inHong Kongas Chief Executive Producer and Director of Game Design and Production where he led production of various commercial console games and research applications. He was also an Assistant Professor at theSchoolofDesignof theHong KongPolytechnicUniversity.

Currently, he is also a TEDX organiser. He has been to TED in 2009 and 2010.


Here we would like to take this opportunity to thank Jose for speaking to us in the Entrepreneur and Small Business monthly meeting on April 20.
The topic was –

Exploring the Use of Social Media as a Marketing Tool

This is an extract of the Minutes of the meeting regarding Jose’s presentation on April 20:

“Jose was introduced as the Administrator and Designer of the ESBC blog: CanCham.WordPress.com

Originally from Mexico, Jose had moved to Canada since his university days. One of the topics he teaches at the university is the Use of Social Media as a Marketing Tool.

An overview

In basic terms and from a marketing-communication perspective, we can set up facebook, linkedin, twitter, myspace, youtube, google group, google apps, email newsletter, printed newsletter, tv program and more because they are out there and people use them.

However, these tools have different purposes and they can be targeted in many ways.

So why use the social media “people talk”?

Positioning: e.g. align with communication objectives, strategies and tactics: i.e. do you want people to talk for a reason? For example, the usefulness can be seen in TED dialogues.

 a) Blog – For example, this Committee’s blog. 

A blog is a writer’s tool because it provides a “journal” and archiving capability and our audience can follow, search, and contribute.

 Therefore in this way, the blog has both content and value. Of course, announcements are relevant but for us the email invitation and agenda is much more formal along with the blog for archiving and following up. This will help advance our purpose in the Committee. That is, for the ESBC, it is more appropriate to have a blog than a facebook page: e.g. it is not to share our personal stories in the committee page (as in what we had for breakfast or what happened on our way to the MTR).

This blog is how we want to communicate with the Committee members and focus.

 Currently, we can search by these categories in the ESBC blog CanCham.WordPress.com

– Entrepreneurs

– Events

– News

– General

 In summary, members were invited to submit information and comments to the blog.

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