Barbara Thomas’ Unique Business: Professional Mediation

About “Professional Mediation”

As you know, Barbara Thomas gave a presentation in our “How I Started: How I Made It” Experience Sharing Session in the Committee’s January meeting. Subsequently, I received a query from a participant’s friend who might be able to use her services. Therefore, I asked Barbara to write me a short paragraph about her services to share with everyone. Here it is:

Dr. Barbara L. Thomas is a Hong Kong accredited Mediator (Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre) with a specialty in Family Law. She has over 25 years of experience in Hong Kong and the United States as both a mediator and a litigator handling complex family law and other disputes.

She has a BA from the University of Pennsylvania and a JD from Hastings College of Law. She served as the Chair of the San Francisco Bar Family Law Assn., on the California Family Law Section Executive Committee, and as Chair of a California State Bar Committee writing family law legislation, as well as on a court panel mediating complex family law cases prior to trial. She has successfully mediated over 50 complex cases of various types to resolution.

After over 15 years as primarily a litigator, she now believes that mediation is the best alternative to conflict resolution, especially in the area of family law, where emotions tend to run much higher than in other forms of legal conflicts. In the past 12 years she has done only mediated cases. She has had experience mediating both complex family law and many other civil cases including landlord-tenant, breach of contract, tax and employment cases. Her practice in Hong Kong is devoted solely to mediation, where she is able to mediate both general civil litigation cases and family law disputes.

Her company is “The Professional Mediation Centre” – It is devoted exclusively to alternative dispute resolution. Its primary aim is to provide professional service to enable parties who would prefer to avoid the cost and stress of litigation to resolve their disputes in a mutually beneficial way.

Barbara Thomas’s Email:

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