Joe Mark’s Brio Espresso for Coffee Enthusiasts on December 2 – “GO WEST!” Business Opportunities in Western China

Upcoming Evening Talk on December 2 (Thursday)

The Evening will start at 6:00 pm with an introduction to the new coffee culture brewing in Hong Kong with a Complimentary Coffee Tasting sponsored by Brio Espresso “beans, accessories and equipment for coffee enthusiasts”.

 “GO WEST!” Business Opportunities in Western China

Speaker: Mr. Tim Summers

Managing Director of XTEChina Consulting Ltd.

Former British Consul-General, Chongqing

 This “Evening Talk” Series organised by the Entrepreneur and Small Business Committee brings current and aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners together to share experiences about the challenges they face in establishing and operating a business in Hong Kong, China and in the Asia Pacific Region. It will be helpful to those who are looking for new ideas, different business strategies, solutions to business problems, or more profitable ways of doing things in general. 

Date: Thursday, December 2,  2010

Time: Talk – 6:00pm – 8:30pm  

Venue: The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, Suite 1301, Kinwick Centre, 32 Hollywood Road, Central 

 Price: Member $150, Non-Member $200

Allan Zeman announces Grand Opening of  Chengdu’s Lan Kwai Fong in January 2011  – So what are the business opportunities in Western China?

 There’s plenty of talk about China’s future direction, but not so much discussion of the regional differences within this enormous country.

If you’re looking for China’s GDP growth over the next decade, it might be found in rather unexpected places. In 2009, five of the six fastest-growing provinces in China were in western or central China, away from the eastern coastal regions most popular with foreign businesses and investors. Was this a blip, or does it indicate a more sustainable structural trend?

At the same time, foreign companies have been complaining that China is becoming a more difficult market in which to operate. But what is the picture across the country?

 Are there business opportunities in Chongqing or Chengdu, for example, which provide new and fertile ground for companies from outside mainland China, including those in Hong Kong? Are these cities more suitable for Entrepreneurs and Small and Medium Sized Businesses? Since foreign businesses still have a certain “novelty value” there, does this offer any advantages?

This talk will look at the prospects for development in China’s western regions over the next decade, and the implications for foreign businesses looking to develop in China.  There will be discussion not only about economics and the business environment, but also about political and social issues – western China does after all include the restive regions of Tibet and Xinjiang.

The western regions of the PRC are less well known than they should be, some ten years after the inauguration of the “Develop the West Programme”. However, they increasingly include some of the fastest growing cities in China, and are becoming more important to China’s global political and commercial relationships.

Tim Summers’ talk will look at government policies, and at domestic and international drivers for change in these parts of China, highlighting some of the important differences between China’s west and the better-known coastal cities.  He will outline some of the issues which need to be considered in developing business in the west of China. 

 The talk will be based on Tim’s research on western China, and his practical experience of working in the major cities of southwest China. The Talk will be followed by a Q & A and Discussion Session.

Business Bio of the Speaker: Mr Tim Summers

Born in the UK, Tim Summers has lived and worked in China and Hong Kong for over 10 years.

In his previous diplomatic career, Tim was British Consul-General in Chongqing, southwest China, from 2004 to 2007. Previously he worked in London in the Cabinet Office and the Foreign Office.

Tim is now based in Hong Kong, where he is completing a PhD in Chinese Studies. His first degree is from Cambridge University. He is fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese.

Tim is the Founder and Managing Director of XTEChina Consulting Ltd, an independent consultancy which provides clients with in-depth analysis of issues relating to China’s political and economic development, and their implications for business strategy. 

Tim has written on western China for a number of audiences, including a chapter of “China 2020”, edited by Kerry Brown, to be published in early 2011. He currently teaches an MA course on China’s regions at The Chinese University of Hong Kong 

Please contact or call Hilda Chan at 2110 8738 for more information
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