Setting up in China – What Are the Procedures and Concerns?

Dear All, Welcome back! I hope everyone had a good summer either in Hong Kong or overseas. Let’s celebrate the beginning of the new season – going back to school for the children and back to the usual hectic schedules for us.

We met a few friends here in the last few days discussing how to start up in China. Coincidentally, we came across the promotion of the following event in the Dutch Chamber and found it very interesting.  I have enclosed the details on the attached file for you.  China Series (1) Setting up a business in China

China Series (1): Setting up in China What are the Procedures and Concerns? By Mr. Alex Cho , Managing Director of Intertrust (Hong Kong) Limited

DATE: Wednesday 29 September 2010 TIME: 12:30PM – 14.00PM (registration starts at 12:15PM) VENUE: Suite 5702, 57/F Cheung Kong Center, 2 Queen’s Road Central COST: Members HK$150, – / Non-Members HK$180,- (incl. lunch) (You will enjoy the Members’ Rate for this event, specially for ESBC members)

Excerpt: Being one of the fastest growing economies in the world, China has become a powerful magnet for foreign enterprises who wish to invest inbound. To maximise profits, many of them would choose setting up in China. Yet, they may encounter lots of problems in implementation. This seminar would solve their concern. In the seminar, Alex Cho, the Managing Director of Intertrust Hong Kong, will discuss the trends and statistics of setting up a business in China. More importantly, he will highlight some various entity options for setting up in China, and also related issues such as taxation and legal requirements. Business cases will be provided as well to give practical advice to the audience.

Related Upcoming Event in the Canadian Chamber presented by the Entrepreneur and Small Business Committee

Title China’s Western Regions: Prospects and Their Relevance for Business

Date and Time – December 2, 2010 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

Speaker – Mr Tim Summers, Founder and Managing Director of XTEChina Consulting Ltd (formerly Consul-General of the British Consulate-General Chongqing PRC)

Mr Summers will talk about

– the prospects for the western regions/provinces of China (ten years after the inauguration of the Develop the West programme),

– their relevance to the global economy, and

– the implications for (non-Chinese) businesses.

We will let you have more details about this Evening Event in the next Committee meeting on September 14, as usual, 8:15 am in the Chamber Board Room. See you there!

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